and what we do
“Single On A Saturday Night” is a 30-minute show featuring a bold,
outspoken, diverse cast of women and men ages 25-55 that open up,
converse, bond and network. It’s a talk show with a twist of reality combined
with music, celebrities, cooking and more. SOSN is a show that caters to the
needs of the single’s community through building healthy relationships.
Currently in its fourth season SOSN remains committed to provided intriguing
yet entertaining content that helps people excel personally, spiritually,
emotionally and economically.
Single On A Saturday Night made its television debut March 2012 on WWSI
TV Telemundo (the only English show aired.) Since everyone has been single
at some point in their life this talk show serves as "relationship talk" therapy
for everyone. The show is produced by Shelly Shell Williams an award
winning Executive Producer and Host. Single on a Saturday Night Television
(SOSN) show airs every Weds 10:30pm on Comcast and Verizon in the
Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and streams simultaneously on