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New Talent Submission

Thank you for your interest in X-pressions, Resource Talent Agency

Upload your photo for consideration in our agency

  • Please make sure that you submit your photos with your full name, age, height, weight and approximate location (like Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware).
  • If you are a minor, you sould have your parent contact us
  • EVERY time that you email X-pressions, please include ALL of this information.
  • Images that are too large will not be opened
  • If you have a referral from an industry professional, please mention that in your description
  • No phone calls please! (Calling will NOT help your chances–in fact, it can HURT because it indecates that you cannot follow directions!)
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Talent Submission Information

A non-exclusive agreement allows the talent to book work outside of the agency without having to pay the agency a commission. Talent is responsible to pay 15% when the agency books you for work. This type of agreement also allows talent to sign non-exclusive contracts with other agencies as well as find work on your own as well.

Submitting your photo

Click "Upload Photo" to get started

Upload your photo and be sure to enter your name, email, picture caption and description