6-Week THRIVE – Commercial Improv Workshop
Take The Limits Off & T.H.R.I.V.E With Us!
This hands-on intensive yet interactive six week on-camera commercial improv workshop teaches the art of improvisation as it relates to commercial acting. We focus on developing your on-camera persona while connecting seamlessly with your intended audience.
Improv for commercials is different than theater or comedy improv and it’s not what we are looking for in casting for commercials. If you had formal acting training that is wonderful. However, we are seeking for your effervescent personality.
Commercial Improv doesn’t mean ignoring the script. Instead, it means bringing your wit, charm and quick thinking together. It’s important that you do this correctly and not miss any key talking points.
With over 20 years in commercials, you will get the most comprehensive teaching and learn all of the methods that helped our clients book several local commercials. This class is fun, interactive and gives you a hands-on experience taught by leading industry professionals. You will learn the tricks of the trade and how to properly market yourself to the community.
This class is super important if you are ready to get hired!

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